Dr. Luise Holzapfel

Title: Dr.
Prename: Luise
Surname: Holzapfel
Profession: Chemist
Birthday: 03/14/1900
Place of birth: Höxter/Weser
Date of death: 09/21/1963
Place of death: Berlin
Education: 1929 final high school examinations (*Abitur*) in Berlin; 1929–36 university studies (chemistry, physics, economics) in Berlin; 1939 doctorate
Career: 1936–39 Institute of Physics and Chemistry, University of Berlin; 1939–42 or 1945 research associate, from 1942 or 1945–62 department head, Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Silicate Research, Berlin; 1943 university lecturer qualification (*Habilitation*); 1944 appointed lecturer at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Berlin; from 1950 *Habilitation* at the Technical University Berlin
Memberships: German Federation of University Women (DAB)
Biographical literature: “Luise Holzapfel,” in Annette Vogt, *Wissenschaftlerinnen in Kaiser-Wilhelm-Instituten, A–Z* (Berlin: Archiv der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, 2008), 59–60; Annette Vogt, “Die Wissenschaftlerin Luise Holzapfel,” *Berlinische Monatsschrift* 9 (2000), no. 3: 80–6