Dr. Else Ulich-Beil

Title: Dr.
Prename: Else
Surname: Ulich-Beil
Name of birth: Beil
Profession: Social reformer, professor, politician
Birthday: 08/30/1886
Place of birth: Elberfeld
Date of death: 05/04/1965
Place of death: Berlin
Married since: 1918-1929
Married to: Dr. Robert Ulich
Profession husband: Director of the Central Office for Public Education (Zentralstelle für Volksbildungswesen) of the Saxon Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs (Sächs. Kultusministerium); later on emigration and professor at Harvard University
Children: 2 (Konrad, Pitter)
Education: University studies (history, philosophy) in Munich; 1914 doctorate in Leipzig and state examinations
Career: 1914–16 principal, Leipzig Women’s College; 1916–18 director of the women’s department at the Leipzig War Office; 1918–24 senior civil servant in the Interior Ministry of Saxony; 1929 principal, Women’s School of Social Work in Dresden-Hellerau; 1930–33 initiates conversion of the school into a state college of social welfare; 1933 banned from working; 1934 moves to Berlin; 1939–45 teaches Latin at various high schools; after 1945 politician and women’s rights advocate.
Memberships: 1918 German Democratic Party (DDP), founding member of the Circle of Religious Socialists (Kreis religiöser Sozialisten, with Paul Tillich); 1921 vice president, Association of Women Citizens (Staatsbürgerinnenverband); 1920–29 deputy in the state parliament of Saxony,; 1924–29 board member, Federation of German Women’s Associations (BDF); after 1945 Christian Democratic Union (CDU); 1947 academic commission, Wilmersdorf Women’s Union (Wilmersdorfer Frauenbund); 1949 German Federation of University Women (DAB); 1949–52 president, Association of Women Citizens; 1952 president, federation of women’s organizations Deutscher Frauenring
Biographical literature: Irene Stoehr, “Else Ulich-Beil,” in *Frauenpolitik und politisches Wirken von Frauen im Berlin der Nachkriegszeit: 1945–1949*, ed. Renate Genth, Reingard Jäkl, Rita Pawlowski, and Ingrid Schmidt-Harzbach (Berlin: Trafo, 1996), 337–44
Major works: *Zur Entwicklung des Begriffs Weltliteratur* (Leipzig: Voigtländer, 1914); *Ich ging meinen Weg* (Berlin: Herbig, 1961)