Dr. Frieda Wunderlich

Title: Dr.
Prename: Frieda
Surname: Wunderlich
Profession: Sociologist, economist, social reformer
Birthday: 11/08/1884
Place of birth: Charlottenburg
Date of death: 12/09/1965
Place of death: East Orange, NJ
Education: 1901 completes girls’ secondary school, then commercial training in her father’s company; 1910 final high school examinations (*Abitur*); 1910–13 university studies (economics, philosophy) in Berlin, then until 1914 in Freiburg; 1919 doctorate
Career: From 1914 lectures at schools for social work in Berlin and at the Academy of Administration, University of Berlin; 1914–19 National Women’s Service; from 1923 coedits the journal *Soziale Praxis*; from 1930 professor of sociology and social policy, State Institute of Vocational Education, Berlin; 1933 compulsory retirement, emigrates to New York City with an appointment to The New School for Social Research; 1933–54 professor of political science and sociology at the New School; 1955 honorary doctorate, Cologne University
Memberships: 1919–33 president, German Association of Women Welfare Officials (Deutscher Verband der Sozialbeamtinnen); 1931–33 general secretary, Society for Social Reform (Gesellschaft für Soziale Reform); 1925–33 German Democratic Party (DDP) deputy in the Berlin city assembly; 1930–32 DDP deputy in the Prussian state parliament; 1932 Committee on Women’s Work at the International Labor Organization; until 1933 Union of Women Economists (VdN); from 1933 American Association of University Women (AAUW)
Biographical literature: Theresa Wobbe, “Frieda Wunderlich (1884–1965). Weimarer Sozialreform und die New Yorker Universität im Exil,” in *Frauen in der Soziologie. Neun Porträts*, ed. Claudia Honegger and Theresa Wobbe (Munich: C.H. Beck, 1998), 203–25; [*Neue Deutsche Biographie*, "Frieda Wunderlich"](http://www.deutsche-biographie.de/sfzW8995.html)
Major works: *Hugo Münsterbergs Bedeutung für die Nationalökonomie* (diss.; Jena: Fischer, 1920); *Produktivität* (Jena: Fischer, 1926); *German Labor Courts* (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1946); *Farmer and Farm Labor in the Soviet Zone of Germany* (New York: Twayne, 1958); *Farm Labor in Germany, 1810–1945* (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1961)