Dr. Friederike (Fritzi) Fleischer

Title: Dr.
Prename: Friederike (Fritzi)
Surname: Fleischer
Name of birth: Mann
Profession: Jurist
Birthday: 05/11/1901
Place of birth: Vienna
Married to: Georg Fleischer (born 11.01.1904)
Profession husband: Jurist and philosopher, independent scholar. Director of the Department for Political Sciences of the Adult Education Center in Vienna
Children: Liselotte Maria (born 20.01.1938)
Education: University studies (law) in Vienna; 1925 doctorate; 1942–43 Ph.D., Boston College School of Social Work
Career: 1925–27 assistant professor, University of Vienna law school; 1927–29 legal intern; 1929–34 lawyer, from 1934 own law firm; volunteers at Vienna municipal legal advice center and the Vienna Bar Association; lecturer in law, Adult Education Institute in Vienna; 1934–38 monthly salons organized with her husband (“Fleischer Circle”); 1938 emigrates to Britain with help of the British Federation of University Women (BFUW), accommodated and supported by the BFUW Leicester branch; 1939 emigrates to the United States; Georg Fleischer receives a scholarship from the Catholic Committee to finish his studies in law at Columbia University; trains as a dietician in New York with support from the BFUW Leicester branch; 1941 moves to Boston; 1942 rent subsidy from the American Association of University Women (AAUW) to help her finish her studies at the Boston College School of Social Work
Memberships: Association of Austrian University Women (VAÖ)
Biographical literature: Clemens Jabloner, “Georg Fleischer,” in *Der Kreis um Hans Kelsen. Die Anfangsjahre der Reinen Rechtslehre*, ed. Robert Walter et al. (Vienna: Manz, 2008), 99–113
Major works: "The Effect of Overt Marital Conflicts on the Personality Development of the Child: Illustrated in 12 Cases of Boys between the Age of 12 to 17, Taken from the Files 1940–41 of the Judge Baker Guidance Center," Ph.D. diss., Boston College, 1943
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