Dr. Auguste Jellinek

Title: Dr.
Prename: Auguste
Surname: Jellinek
Profession: Zoologist, opera singer
Birthday: 1901
Place of birth: Vienna
Date of death: 11/10/1957
Education: Training as a singer and university studies (natural sciences, phonetics, speech-language pathology) in Vienna; doctorate
Career: Assistant in the zoological section of the Biological Laboratory, Academy of Sciences, Vienna; later in the University of Vienna’s department of neurology; 1933–39 researches auditory and speech disorders in children and directs the otological clinic, University of Rome; 1939 emigrates to the United States, initially at the Institute for the Deaf in St. Louis; from 1940 private practice for speech disorders in New York City
Memberships: Association of Austrian University Women (VAÖ); long-standing general secretary of the International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics; recording secretary, New York Society for Speech and Voice Therapy
Biographical literature: Obituary, “Dr. Augusta Jellinek,” *Folia Phoniatrica. International Journal of Phoniatry* 10 (1958): 58; CV in AAUW Archives (RG Programs, International Relations, War Relief Case Files, Folder 21)
Major works: “Versuche über das Gehör der Vögel,” *Pflügers Archiv f. d. ges. Physiologie* 211 (1925), no. 1: 73-81; translation, Pietro Tullio, *Das Ohr und die Entstehung der Sprache und Schrift* (Berlin: Urban & Schwarzenberg, 1929); “Experimentelle Beiträge zur Lokalisation der akustischen Stellreflexe,” *Pflügers Archiv f. d. ges. Physiologie* 232 (1932), no. 1: 116-19; *Practice of Voice and Speech Therapy: New Contributions to Voice and Speech Pathology* (with Erwin Froschels; Boston, MA: Expression, 1941)
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