Dr. Leonore Goldschmidt

Title: Dr.
Prename: Leonore
Surname: Goldschmidt
Name of birth: Zweig
Profession: Educator
Birthday: 11/16/1897
Place of birth: Gosda
Date of death: 03/07/1983
Place of death: London
Married since: 1923
Married to: Ernst Goldschmidt
Profession husband: Lawyer
Children: two (Gertrud, born 1924; Rudolf, born 1925)
Education: 1916 final high school examinations (*Abitur*) at a technical high school in Berlin; 1916–21 university studies (German, history, English) in Jena, Berlin, and Heidelberg; 1921 doctorate; 1922 teaching examination; 1924 teaching examination for high schools
Career: 1925–33 teacher (*Studienrätin*) at public high schools in Berlin; 1929 teaches in Britain; 1933 suspended from work due to antisemitic legislation and dismissed; 1934 teaches at Toni Lessler’s private Jewish school in Berlin, Grunewald district; 1935–39 principal of the Jewish private school Jüdische Privatschule Dr. Leonore Goldschmidt; in July 1939 emigrates to Folkestone, UK, and continues the school until 1940; 1940–68 teaches at private and public schools in Britain
Biographical literature: Gertrud Thompson, “Leonore Goldschmidt,” in *“Hier ist kein Bleiben länger.” Jüdische Schulgründerinnen in Wilmersdorf. Anna Pelteson, Toni Lessler, Lotte Kaliski, Dr. Vera Lachmann, Dr. Leonore Goldschmidt*, ed. Regelindis Westphal (Berlin: Wilmersdorf Museum, 1992), 34–9; Steve Heims, *Passages from Berlin: Recollections of Former Students and Staff of the Goldschmidt Schule* (White Plains, NY: Privately published, 1987)
Major works: "Das Argument deutscher Orientpolitik in der deutschen öffentlichen Meinung 1800–1870," Ph.D. diss., n.p., 1921; *Jüdische Privatschule Dr. Leonore Goldschmidt: für Knaben und Mädchen* (n.p., 1937)