Dr. Johanna Westerdijk

Title: Dr.
Prename: Johanna
Surname: Westerdijk
Profession: Botanist, professor
Birthday: 01/04/1883
Place of birth: Amsterdam
Date of death: 11/15/1961
Place of death: Baarn, Netherlands
Education: 1900–05 university studies (botany) in Amsterdam, Munich, and Zurich; 1905 doctorate
Career: 1906 director of the W.C. Scholten Laboratory; 1907 receives collection of eighty fungus cultures, establishes Central Bureau of Fungus Cultures with more than 8,000 species; 1917 professor extraordinarius of plant pathology, University of Utrecht, 1930 appointment to the University of Amsterdam; 1957 honorary doctorate, University of Utrecht; 1958 honorary doctorate, University of Giessen
Memberships: 1933–36 International Federation of University Women (IFUW) president; Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences
Biographical literature: L.C.P. Kerling and J.G. ten Houten, “Johanna Westerdijk: Pioneer Leader in Plant Pathology,” *Annual Review of Phytopathology* 24 (1986): 33–41; Marie P. Löhnis, “Professor Dr Johanna Westerdijk 1917–1942,” *Antonie van Leeuwenhoek* 8 (1942), no. 1: 1–9
Major works: *Zur Regeneration der Laubmoose* (diss.; Nijmegen: Macdonald, 1905)