Dr. Ruth Ehrmann (later Albert)

Title: Dr.
Prename: Ruth
Surname: Ehrmann (later Albert)
Profession: Philologist
Birthday: 05/21/1909
Date of death: 06/07/1984
Place of death: Santiago de Chile
Married since: 1940
Married to: Totila Albert
Profession husband: Sculptor
Children: one
Education: 1933 doctorate in English, Basel University
Career: 1933 teaches at the Kalinski school, Berlin; 1939 emigrates to Britain with a domestic permit, works at a girls’ boarding school in Bristol; 1940 marries her German-Chilean partner Totila Albert; 1940 emigrates to Chile, teaches at an English school in Santiago de Chile
Major works: *George Bernard Shaw und der viktorianische Sozialismus* (diss.; Antwerp, 1937)