Dr. Paula Julie Elisabeth Hertwig

Title: Dr.
Prename: Paula Julie Elisabeth
Surname: Hertwig
Profession: Zoologist, geneticist, professor
Birthday: 10/11/1889
Place of birth: Berlin
Date of death: 03/31/1983
Place of death: Villingen, Black Forest
Education: 1908 final high school examinations (*Abitur*); university studies (zoology, botany, chemistry) in Berlin; 1916 doctorate
Career: 1919 university lecturer qualification (*Habilitation*); until 1921 tutor then assistant professor, 1925 professor extraordinarius, from 1940 director, University of Berlin department of heredity and breeding research; 1927–45 professor, School of Medicine; 1946 appointed full professor at the University of Halle, where she founds and directs the Institute of Biology; 1948–50 dean of the School of Medicine; 1957 retires, until 1959 continues to work as teacher and acting director at the Institute of Biology; 1972 moves to West Germany
Memberships: 1926–33 German Association of Women University Lecturers (Verband der Hochschullehrerinnen Deutschlands), German Federation of University Women (DAB); 1933 German Democratic Party (DStP) deputy in the Prussian state parliament, excluded in July 1933; 1946–48 Wilmersdorf Women’s Union (Wilmersdorfer Frauenbund); 1948 honorary doctorate, Munich University; 1953 German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina and Dr. h.c. (Heidelberg); 1979 honorary member, Society of Human Genetics, GDR
Biographical literature: Sybille Gerstengarbe, “Paula Hertwig,” in *Wer war wer in der DDR? Ein biographisches Lexikon*, ed. Helmut Müller-Enbergs, Jan Wielgohs, and Dieter Hoffmann (Bonn: Links, 2001), 348; Sybille Gerstengarbe, “Die akademischen Karrieren der Geschwister Paula und Günther Hertwig,” *Acta Historica Leopoldina* 45 (2005): 307–25; “Paula Hertwig,” [*Neue Deutsche Biographie*](http://www.deutschebiographie.de/sfz066_00691_1.html)
Major works: *Anpassung, Vererbung und Evolution* (Berlin: Akademie-Verlag, 1959)