Dame Margery Irene Corbett Ashby

Title: Dame
Prename: Margery Irene
Surname: Corbett Ashby
Name of birth: Corbett
Birthday: 04/19/1882
Place of birth: London
Date of death: 05/15/1981
Place of death: Wickens, Sussex
Married since: 22.10.1910
Married to: Brian Ashby
Profession husband: Lawyer
Children: 1 (born 1914)
Education: 1901–04 Newnham College, Cambridge; 1904 Cambridge Teachers’ Training College
Career: 1907 secretary, National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies (NUWSS); secretary and 1923–46 president, International Woman Suffrage Alliance (IWSA) (from 1926 International Alliance of Women, IAW); 1919 British IAW delegate to the Versailles Peace Conference; 1918 candidate for the Liberal Party; 1932–35 British delegate to the World Disarmament Conference in Geneva; editor of the journals *The Common Cause* (from 1909) and *International Women’s News* (from 1952)
Memberships: 1904 National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies; 1909 International Woman Suffrage Alliance; 1935 chair of Women’s Freedom League and deputy chair of the Fawcett Society
Biographical literature: Brian Harrison, *Prudent Revolutionaries. Portraits of British Feminists between the Wars* (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1987), 185–208; Karen Offen, *European Feminisms, 1700–1950. A Political History* (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2000), 367–76; “Margery Corbett-Ashby,” *Oxford Dictionary of National Biography* (http://www.oxforddnb.com/view/article/30970?docPos=1)
Image caption: Dame Margery Irene Corbett Ashby (1882–1981), by Edmond Xavier Kapp