Dr. Martha Brünner-Ornstein (Brunner-Orne)

Title: Dr.
Prename: Martha
Surname: Brünner-Ornstein (Brunner-Orne)
Profession: Psychiatrist, neurologist
Birthday: 1894
Place of birth: Vienna
Date of death: 02/12/1982
Place of death: Boston
Married to: Frank E. Ornstein (Orne)
Children: 2 sons (Peter W. and Martin T.)
Education: University studies (medicine) in Vienna specializing in psychiatry and neurology
Career: Physician at the psychiatric and neurological clinic, University of Vienna, colleague of Nobel Prize winner Julius Wagner-Jaurregg, researches curative properties of malarial fever; summer 1930 research at neurologist Louis Lapique’s laboratory in Paris with a French Association of University Women (AFFDU) scholarship; 1936 develops a fever treatment using short waves to cure partial paralysis and the first effective medical treatment for cardiospasm; 1938 emigrates to United States; 1939 research fellow at the Mayo Clinic, MN; 1940–43 psychiatrist at Wellesley College, MA; subsequently director of Westwood Lodge; 1947 settles in Boston, opens private psychiatric practice and publishes on problems associated with alcoholism
Memberships: 1922–38 Association of Austrian University Women (VAÖ)
Biographical literature: Uwe Hendrik Peters, “Die Einführung der Schockbehandlung und die psychiatrische Emigration,” *Fortschritte Neurologie Psychiatrie* 60 (1992): 356–65, esp. 362; “Martha Brunner-Orne, Expert on Alcoholism,” *New York Times*, February 14, 1982
Major works: “Directive Group Therapy in the Treatment of Alcoholics: Technique and Rationale” (with Martin T. Orne), *International Journal of Group Psychotherapy* 4 (1954): 293-302; “The Integration of Electroshock Treatment in the Therapeutic Atmosphere of a Private Hospital,” *Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery* 18 (1958), no. 1; “Ward Group Sessions in the Framework of Daily Hospital Rounds,” *Psychother. Psychosom*. 7 (1959):70–8; “Die Entwicklung der National Association for Music Therapy (NAMT) und ihr Einfluss auf die Musiktherapie in Amerika” (with Frank Orne), *Die Heilkunst: Zeitschrift für praktische Medizin* (1960), no. 5: 151–3
Links: [obituary, NYTimes](http://www.nytimes.com/1982/02/14/obituaries/martha-brunner-orne-expert-on-alcoholism.html)