Lady Margaret Haig, Viscountess Rhondda Mackworth

Prename: Lady Margaret Haig, Viscountess Rhondda
Surname: Mackworth
Name of birth: Thomas Haig
Profession: Women's rights advocate, journalist
Birthday: 06/12/1883
Place of birth: Newport
Date of death: 07/20/1958
Place of death: London
Married since: 1908-1922
Married to: Sir Humphrey Mackworth
Career: Radical pioneer of women’s suffrage; 1908 short imprisonment; 1914 director of the women’s department in the Ministry of Labour and National Service; 1914–15 visits the United States with her father to negotiate the supply of arms to the British Army; May 1915 survives German submarine attack on the *Lusitania*; 1917 failed attempt to take up her late father’s place in the House of Lords; 1920 founds the women’s rights magazine *Time and Tide*
Memberships: 1908 Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU)
Biographical literature: Shirley Marie Eoff, *Viscountess Rhondda. Equalitarian Feminist* (Columbus: Ohio State University Press, 1991); [*Oxford Dictionary of National Biography*, "Margaret Haig Thomas"](