Ph.D. Lillian Estelle Fisher

Title: Ph.D.
Prename: Lillian Estelle
Surname: Fisher
Profession: Historian, professor
Birthday: 05/01/1891
Place of birth: Selingsgrove, PA
Date of death: 05/04/1988
Place of death: Moraga, CA
Education: 1912 A.B., Susquehanna University; 1918 M.A., University of Southern California; 1924 Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley
Career: 1913–16 teaches at a Methodist school for girls in Puebla, Mexico; 1924–39 professor, Oklahoma College for Women; 1929 receives Spanish Federation of University Women fellowship to research and transcribe holdings of the Archivo General de Indias in Madrid and Sevilla
Memberships: American Association of University Women (AAUW)
Major works: *Viceregal Administration in the Spanish-American Colonies* (New York: Russell & Russell, 1926); *The Intendant System in Spanish America* (Berkeley: University of California, 1929); *The Background of the Revolution for Mexican Independence* (New York: Russell & Russell, 1934); *Champion of Reform. Manuel Abad y Queipo* (New York: Library Publishers, 1955); *The Last Inca Revolt 1780–1783* (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1966)
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