Reta Oldham

Prename: Reta
Surname: Oldham
Birthday: 1870
Date of death: 1933
Education: University studies at the Royal University of Ireland
Career: Teaches at Streatham Hill High School for Girls in London, from 1898–1929 school principal
Memberships: 1898 member, from 1905 executive committee, 1917–19 president, Association of Headmistresses; 1918–29 chairs Headmistresses’ Employment Committee, Ministry of Labour; chair, Society for the Overseas Settlement of Educated Women; British Federation of University Women (BFUW)
Biographical literature: “Reta Oldham” (obituary), *Journal of Education*, March 1934: 144; Joyce Goodman and Sylvia A. Harrop (eds.), *Women, Educational Policy-Making, and Administration in England. Authoritative Women Since 1880* (London: Routledge, 2000), 44