Marie-Louise Puech

Prename: Marie-Louise
Surname: Puech
Profession: Germanist
Birthday: 07/06/1876
Place of birth: Castres, Tarn
Date of death: 1966
Place of death: Paris
Married since: 1908
Married to: Jules Puech (1879-1957)
Profession husband: Jurist, secretary of the European office of the Carnegie Foundation for International Peace; civil servant in the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Education: High school, examination for women teachers (German) in Tarn; 1895 language studies in Britain
Career: 1897–1900 four attempts to achieve the *agrégation* to teach German; 1900–08 lecturer in French literature, McGill University, Montreal; 1908 returns to France, during World War I coedits the journal *La Paix par le droit*; 1939 retreat to her estate La Borieblanque in Tarn, which she makes a center of academic refugee assistance; by 1945 has donated more than 274,000 francs to refugee relief for persecuted colleagues from German-occupied areas
Memberships: From 1917 board member, French Council of Women (Conseil National des Femmes Françaises); 1919 French Union for Women’s Suffrage (Union Française pour le Suffrage des Femmes), founding member of the French Association of University Women (AFFDU); 1920 general secretary, later president, Women’s Union for the League of Nations (Union féminine pour la Société des Nations); from 1924 president of the International Federation of University Women (IFUW) Committee on Intellectual Cooperation; from 1929 responsible for AFFDU international affairs; from 1935 active in the International Council of Women (ICW)
Biographical literature: Nicole Fouchet, “Marie-Louise Puech,” *Dictionnaire biographique: Militer au XXe siècle: Femmes, féminismes, Églises et société*, ed. Evelyne Diebolt (Paris: Houdiard, 2009), 266–9