Marie Monod

Prename: Marie
Surname: Monod
Name of birth: Chavannes
Birthday: 1875
Place of birth: Lyon
Date of death: 1967
Married since: 1902
Married to: Octave Monod
Profession husband: Physician
Children: 2 (Noel, born 1911; Marie-Laure, born 1913)
Education: Lycée Adgar Quintet, Lyon; university studies (initially English, German, later geography, history) in Lyon and Paris; fails twice to achieve the *agrégation* to teach at high school level
Career: Historical studies in Lyon; contributes to a bibliography of the history of Lyon and the publication of Lambert d’Harpigny’s memoirs, specializes in the life and work of the Comtesse d’Agoult; 1919 moves to Paris; until 1939 editor of the Association Française des Femmes Diplômées des Universités (AFFDU) bulletin; principal author of the *International Glossary of Academic Terms* published by the International Federation of University Women (IFUW) in 1939
Memberships: 1920 founding member, treasurer, and 1923–33 president of the Société Nationale Féminine de Rapprochement Universitaire (from 1977 AFFDU); IFUW delegate; 1932–36 IFUW vice president, IFUW representative at the World Disarmament Conference
Biographical literature: Geneviève Poujol, *Un féminisme sous tutelle. Les protestantes françaises, 1810–1960* (Paris: Editions de Paris, 2003), 237; Evelyne Diebolt (ed.), *Dictionnaire biographique: Militer au XXe siècle: Femmes, féminismes, églises et société* (Paris: Michel Houdiard, 2009), 241–2