Rebecca Hooper Eastman

Prename: Rebecca
Surname: Hooper Eastman
Profession: Writer, journalist
Date of death: 1937
Married since: 1912
Married to: William Franklin Eastman
Education: 1903 B.A. Radcliffe College
Career: Author, journalist
Memberships: 1909–11 president of the New York Radcliffe Club; 1911–12 president of the Women’s University Club, NYC; 1918–24 director, Rose Sidgwick Memorial Fund
Biographical literature: *Woman’s Who’s Who of America. A Biographical Dictionary of Contemporary Women of the United States and Canada, 1914–1915*, ed. John William Leonard (New York: American Commonwealth Co., 1915), 267
Major works: *The Big Little Person* (New York: Harper & Brothers, 1917); *The Other House* (ed. Amy Abercrombie; Ohio: Privately published, 1997)