Rose Sidgwick

Prename: Rose
Surname: Sidgwick
Birthday: 01/09/1877
Place of birth: Rugby, Warwickshire
Date of death: 12/28/1918
Place of death: New York
Education: 1899 Honors (modern history) and 1903 Diploma in Education, Oxford
Career: 1899–1903 lecturer at Oxford Pupil Teachers’ Centre; 1903–04 tutor at Somerville College, Oxford; 1905–17 lecturer in ancient history, Birmingham University; 1918 member of the fact-finding British Educational Mission to the United States
Memberships: Staffordshire Education Committee; British Federation of University Women (BFUW)
Biographical literature: [*Oxford Dictionary of National Biography*, "Rose Sidgwick"](Oxford University Press, 2004)](
Major works: *The League of Nations* (Houston: Rice Institute, 1919), *Writings* (London: Sidgwick & Jackson, 1920)