Dr. Ellen Gleditsch

Title: Dr.
Prename: Ellen
Surname: Gleditsch
Profession: Chemist, professor
Birthday: 12/29/1879
Place of birth: Mandal, Norway
Date of death: 06/06/1968
Place of death: Oslo
Children: Nils Petter Gleditsch
Education: 1897 apprenticeship as pharmacist; 1900–02 training in pharmacology and chemistry; 1905 examination in chemistry at the Trondheim Cathedral School; 1907–12 university studies (chemistry, mineralogy) in Paris; 1912 Licenciée des sciences in chemistry
Career: 1903–07 assistant at the chemical laboratory of Oslo University; 1907–12 assistant of Marie Curie in Paris; 1912–16 director of a research group on radioactivity, Oslo University; 1913–14 research under Bertram B. Boltwood, Yale University, where she discovers the radioactive half-life of radium; 1916 associate professor of chemistry, 1916–29 lecturer in chemistry, 1929–46 professor of inorganic chemistry, Oslo University
Memberships: 1920 founding member and 1924 president, Norwegian Federation of University Women; 1926–29 president, International Federation of University Women (IFUW); 1962 honorary doctorates University of Paris and University of Strasbourg; 1964 honorary member, IFUW
Biographical literature: Anne-Marie Weidler Kubanek and Grete P. Grzegorek, “Ellen Gleditsch: Professor and Humanist,” in *A Devotion to Their Science: Pioneer Women of Radioactivity*, ed. Marlene Rayner-Canham and Geoffrey Rayner-Canham (Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 1997), 51–75; Annette Lykknes, Helge Kragh, and Lise Kvittingen, “Ellen Gleditsch: Pioneer Woman in Radiochemistry,” *Physics in Perspective* 6 (2004): 126–55
Major works: Papers on inorganic chemistry and radioactivity in national and international journals, including “Action de l’émanation du radium sur les solutions des sels de cuivre” (with Marie Curie), *Radium* 5 (1908), no. 8: 225–7; “The Life of Radium,” *American Journal of Science* 41 (1916): 112–24