Dr. Alice Masaryk (Masaryková)

Title: Dr.
Prename: Alice
Surname: Masaryk (Masaryková)
Name of birth: Garrigue Masaryk
Profession: Teacher; sociologist
Birthday: 05/03/1879
Place of birth: Vienna
Date of death: 11/29/1966
Place of death: Miami, FL
Education: 1886 schooling in Prague; 1891 attends Prague’s first high school for girls; 1898–1903 university studies (medicine, later history, sociology, philosophy) in Prague, Berlin, London, and Leipzig; 1903 doctorate
Career: 1904–05 stays at the University of Chicago Settlement (UCSS), meets Jane Addams; 1905–14 high school teacher of geography and history in České Budejovice, southern Bohemia, and Prague; 1915–16 imprisonment after accusation of hiding the political writings of her father Tomáš Masaryk, the future president of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic; 1916–18 pedagogical concept for the Women’s Higher School of Social Work carried out for the Bohemian Child Care Commission; 1919 parliamentary deputy; 1919–38 president of the Czechoslovakian Red Cross; 1923–37, after mother’s death, replaces her as official representative at her father’s side; 1930 International Red Cross executive committee; 1939 emigrates via Switzerland to the United States; 1945 returns to Prague; 1948 emigrates again via Switzerland to the United States; 1950–54 political activities for Czechoslovakia; 1960 founds Masaryk Publications Trust
Memberships: 1911 cofounder of the Charles University sociology department, Prague; 1919 cofounds Czech Federation of University Women; 1939 honorary doctorate, University of Pittsburgh
Biographical literature: Bruce Keith, “Alice Masaryk (1879–1966),” in *Women in Sociology. A Bio-Bibliographical Sourcebook*, ed. Mary Jo Deegan (New York: Greenwood Press, 1991), 298–305; Nadezda Kubickova, “Alice Masaryk (1879–1966) – Czechoslovakia,” *Bulletin of the European Journal of Social Work* 4 (2001), no. 3: 303–40
Major works: Ruth Crawford Mitchell (ed.), *Alice Garrigue Masaryk, 1879–1966. Her Life as Recorded in Her Own Words and by Her Friends* (Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh, 1980)