Sybil Campbell

Prename: Sybil
Surname: Campbell
Profession: Judge, lawyer
Birthday: 10/09/1889
Place of birth: Ceylon
Date of death: 08/29/1977
Place of death: Glasgow
Education: Schooling in North Berwick and Paris; 1908–12 university studies (natural sciences, economics) at Girton College, Cambridge; 1920–22 studies law at the Middle Temple, London
Career: 1913–21 head of department at the Ministry of Food and Nutrition; 1922 approbation as a lawyer, works for the Board of Trade and at the Referees Court; 1929–30 secretary to the Building Fund Appeal, Girton College; 1930–39 secretary to the Women’s Appointment Board; 1933–42 member of the Board of Trustees, Girton College; 1939–44 Assistant Divisional Food Officer; 1945–61 judge at Tower Bridge Court (Metropolitan Police Magistrate)
Memberships: 1921–33 executive secretary and delegate of British Federation of University Women (BFUW), co-initiator of the Crosby Hall guest house in Chelsea; until 1977 BFUW vice president
Biographical literature: Patrick Polden, “The Lady of Tower Bridge: Sybil Campbell, England’s First Woman Judge,” *Women’s History Review* 8 (1999), no. 3: 505–26; personal papers, Bodleian Library, Oxford University; “Sybil Campbell,” *Oxford Dictionary of National Biography* (