PhD Ada Louise Comstock Notestein

Title: PhD
Prename: Ada Louise
Surname: Comstock Notestein
Profession: Professor, college principal
Birthday: 12/11/1876
Place of birth: Moorhead, MN
Date of death: 12/12/1973
Place of death: New Haven, CT
Married since: 1943
Married to: Wallace Notestein
Profession husband: Sterling professor of History, Yale University, New Haven
Education: 1892 Moorhead High School; 1892–94 University of Minnesota, Minneapolis; 1894–96 Smith College; 1897–98 Moorhead State Normal School; 1898–99 Columbia University (English, history, education); 1899 M.A., 1905 Ph.D., University of Minnesota
Career: 1899 assistant professor, 1900–04 instructor, University of Minnesota; 1904–05 academic year at the Sorbonne, Paris; 1907 dean of women, 1909 professor, University of Minnesota; 1912 dean of women, Smith College; 1923–43 president, Radcliffe College
Memberships: 1906 initiates the Shevlin Hall women’s dorm at the University of Minnesota; 1911 president, Association of Deans of Women; 1921–23 president, American Association of University Women (AAUW); 1929–31 National Commission on Law Observance and Enforcement; 1914–18 organizer, Cambridge Salvage Committee and women’s division of the Cambridge Committee on Public Safety
Biographical literature: Susan Margot Smith, “Ada Comstock Notestein. Educator,” in *Women of Minnesota. Selected Biographical Essays*, ed. Barbara Stuhler and Gretchen Kreuter (St. Paul, MN: Minnesota Historical Society Press, 1998), 208–25
Major works: *Prose Types: Examples, from English Literature, of the Forms of Discourse* (Minneapolis: H.W. Wilson, 1902); *The American College Girl, her College and her Ideals* (Boston: L.C. Page & Co., 1930); Barbara M. Solomon, *The Evolution of an Educator: An Anthology of Public Writings of Ada Louise Comstock* (New York: Garland, 1987)