D.Sc. Ida Smedley MacLean

Title: D.Sc.
Prename: Ida Smedley
Surname: MacLean
Profession: Biochemist
Birthday: 06/14/1877
Place of birth: Birmingham
Date of death: 03/02/1944
Place of death: London
Married since: 1913
Married to: Hugh MacLean
Profession husband: professor for medicine
Children: 2
Education: 1896–99 B.A. (Natural Sciences Tripos), Newnham College, Cambridge; 1901–03 Bathurst scholarship; 1905 D.Sc., University of London
Career: 1904 chemistry demonstrator, Newnham College; 1905 research fellow, Royal Institution (Davy Faraday Laboratory); 1906–10 assistant lecturer in chemistry, Manchester University; 1910–14 Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine (with Beit Memorial Fellowship); 1914–42 research chemist, from 1932 staff member, Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine
Memberships: 1907 cofounder and from 1929–35 president of the British Federation of University Women (BFUW); from 1920 fellow and 1931–34 Council member, Chemical Society of London; 1923–36 president, International Federation of University Women (IFUW) Fellowships Committee
Biographical literature: BFUW, *History of the British Federation of University Women 1907–1957* (London: BFUW, c. 1958); Mary R.S. Creese, “Maclean, Ida Smedley (1877–1944),” *Oxford Dictionary of National Biography* (Oxford University Press, 2004); Robin Mackie and Gerrylynn Roberts, *Biographical Database of the Chemical Community*, 1880–1970 (Milton Keynes: The Open University, 2006)
Major works: *The Metabolism of Fat* (London: Methuen, 1943)
Links: [Journal of the chemical society. Obituary notices: Ida Smedley MacLean](http://www.rsc.org/delivery/_ArticleLinking/DisplayArticleForFree.cfm?doi=JR9460000063&JournalCode=JR)