Dr. med. dent. Karin Fritzsche

Title: Dr. med. dent.
Prename: Karin
Surname: Fritzsche
Profession: Dentist
Married since: 1925 until 1948
Married to: Hans Fritzsche
Profession husband: Radio journalist, director of communications in the press department of the Reich Ministry of Propaganda; from 1938 director of the Ministry’s “German Press” department, from 1942 director of the radio broadcasting department; 1945 signatory to the city of Berlin’s declaration of surrender
Education: In the early 1920s university studies (dentistry) in Berlin
Career: After 1945 private practice in Hamburg; 1945–47 license revoked because of her marriage to a leading Nazi
Memberships: During her studies moves in nationalist student circles, where she meets her husband c. 1923; 1931 council member, reelected May 1933, German Federation of University Women (DAB); Nazi Party
Biographical literature: Max Bonacker, *Goebbels’ Mann beim Radio. Der NS-Propagandist Hans Fritzsche (1900–1953)* (Munich: Oldenbourg, 2010)