Dr. Frieda Lange-Malkwitz

Title: Dr.
Prename: Frieda
Surname: Lange-Malkwitz
Name of birth: Malkwitz
Profession: Physician
Birthday: 1893
Married since: 1927
Married to: Dr. Wilhelm Lange
Profession husband: During Nazi regime, municipal councilor in Chemnitz; 1936–45 director, Chemnitz Public Health Department
Education: 1914–19 university studies in Freiburg, Leipzig, Marburg, and Heidelberg; 1921 approbation in Berlin; 1921 doctorate in Marburg
Career: 1928–39 private practice in Chemnitz
Memberships: 1926–35 president, Chemnitz chapter of the German Federation of University Women (DAB)