Dr. Gertrud Carl

Title: Dr.
Prename: Gertrud
Surname: Carl
Profession: High school teacher
Birthday: 1901
Date of death: 1991
Place of death: Karlsruhe
Education: University studies (classical philology) in Heidelberg; 1925 doctorate
Career: High school teacher (*Studienrätin*) of Latin and Greek in Karlsruhe; 1939–45 Bismarck Gymnasium in Karlsruhe; summer 1945 temporarily dismissed; March 1947 reinstated after denazification; 1956–65 teaches at the Fichte Gymnasium in Karlsruhe
Memberships: 1925 founding member and 1930–35 president, Karlsruhe chapter of the German Federation of University Women (DAB); 1935–36 Reich Federation of German University Women (RDA) and the German Women’s Agency (Deutsches Frauenwerk); from 1936 *Gau* official for research and women’s education in the German Women’s Agency; 1949 founding member of the reestablished DAB Karlsruhe chapter; from 1953 president, DAB Karlsruhe
Biographical literature: Barbara Guttmann, *Den weiblichen Einfluss geltend machen... Karlsruher Frauen in der Nachkriegszeit, 1945-1955* (Karlsruhe: Badenia Verlag, 2000), 59–63
Major works: *Die Agrarlehre Columellas in sozialer Betrachtung* (diss.; n.p., 1925)