Ph.D. Meta Glass

Title: Ph.D.
Prename: Meta
Surname: Glass
Profession: Philologist, college-president
Birthday: 08/16/1880
Place of birth: Petersburg, VA
Date of death: 03/21/1965
Place of death: Petersburg, VA
Education: 1899 M.A. at Randolph-Macon Woman’s College; 1913 Ph.D. at Columbia University; 1934 LL.D. University of Delaware; 1935 Litt.D. Mount Holyoke College
Career: 1914–16 teacher at college preparatory schools; 1916–17 associate professor at the Randolph-Macon Woman’s College; 1917–18 war service in France; 1919–24 assistant professor of Latin and Greek, Columbia University, and assistant to the director of the Columbia University Extension Program; 1925–46 president, Sweet Briar College, VA
Memberships: 1933–37 president, American Association of University Women (AAUW); American Philological Association; 1928–29 and 1938–39 vice president and 1939–40 president, Association of Virginia Colleges
Biographical literature: Durward Howes, *American Women: The Official Who’s Who among the Women of the Nation* (Los Angeles, CA: American Publications, 1939); Anna Rowes Hawkes, “In Memoriam – Meta Glass,” *AAUW Journal* 59/60 (1965): 181
Major works: "The Fusion of Stylistic Elements in Vergil’s Georgics," Ph.D. diss., New York, 1913; *Education at Sweet Briar* (Sweet Briar, 1946)