Ph.B. Shirley Farr

Title: Ph.B.
Prename: Shirley
Surname: Farr
Profession: Historian, professor, philanthropist
Birthday: 1851
Place of birth: Chicago
Date of death: 1957
Place of death: Chicago
Education: 1904 Ph.B. (Bachelor of Philosophy), University of Chicago
Career: 1904 associate professor of history and French at Ripon College, WI; 1914–17 assistant professor, 1929–34 part-time instructor in history and departmental counselor, University of Chicago; in the 1930s moves to Vermont; from 1941 supports a refugee hostel in Brandon, VT, for European refugees supported by the American Association of University Women (AAUW)
Memberships: AAUW; curator of Ripon College, WI; generous donor (donates US$62,000 to the University of Chicago between 1929 and 1939); member of the Board of Alumni Relations; in the 1930s board member, Vermont Children’s Aid Society
Biographical literature: Catherine Ashburner, “Shirley Farr,” in *Those Intriguing Indomitable Vermont Women*, ed. Vermont State Division of the American Association of University Women (n.p., 1999), 44–5
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