Dr. Maria Plum

Title: Dr.
Prename: Maria
Surname: Plum
Profession: Lawyer
Birthday: 02/15/1894
Place of birth: Berlin
Date of death: 07/06/1962
Place of death: Freiburg
Education: 1912–13 business school of the Berlin Merchants’ Cooperation; 1918–19 higher studies (economics) at the College of Commerce in Berlin, prepares for external final high school examinations (*Abitur*); 1919 *Abitur* in Frankfurt am Main; 1919–23 university studies (law) in Frankfurt, Berlin, and Freiburg; 1923 doctorate; 1924 preliminary examinations, 1927 final state examinations in law
Career: 1927 assistant professor, Freiburg University department of legal history; works at Dr. Sinauer’s law firm; 1928 own law firm; 1945 temporarily suspended by the Allied Powers due to Nazi Party membership; until 1962 tax lawyer
Memberships: 1931–44 and 1957–62 president, Freiburg chapter of the German Federation of University Women (DAB); 1933 Nazi Party; from 1934 directs the district arbitration office of the National Socialist Women’s League (NS-Frauenschaft); from 1950 standing committee, Association of German Jurists (Deutscher Juristentag); 1962 honorary senator, Freiburg University; council member, Stefan George Foundation; university advisory board, Freiburg University
Biographical literature: Tula Huber-Simons, “Dr. rer. pol. Maria Plum. Die erste niedergelassene Rechtsanwältin Freiburgs,” in *“Nun gehen Sie hin und heiraten Sie!”. Die Töchter der Alma Mater im 20. Jahrhundert*, ed. Isolde Tröndle-Weintritt and Petra Herkert (Freiburg: Kore, 1997), 44–57
Major works: *Die staatssozialistische Idee in der neueren Sozialdemokratie* (diss.; n.p., 1923)