Dr. Gertrud Schlesinger

Title: Dr.
Prename: Gertrud
Surname: Schlesinger
Profession: Teacher, natural scientist
Birthday: 01/22/1901
Place of birth: Klausenburg
Education: 1920 final high school examinations (*Abitur*) in Giessen; 1920–24 university studies (mathematics, physics and chemistry) in Berlin; 1924 doctorate; 1926 state examination; 1947 British teaching qualification
Career: High school teacher (*Studienrätin*) in Berlin; 1933 dismissed, subsequently works as governess in Grenoble; 1934–37 German teacher in a boarding school for girls in Istanbul; 1938 returns to Berlin and teaches in Leonore Goldschmidt’s Jewish private school; 1939 escape to Britain enabled by the British Federation of University Women (BFUW), works as maid and tutor in a boarding school; 1941–44 Turkish news typist at the BBC; from 1944 teaches natural sciences at the East Ham Grammar School for Girls, London
Memberships: Until 1933 German Federation of University Women (DAB); BFUW
Biographical literature: BFUW Archives, Box 29, Refugee Cases, Folder Schlesinger