Dr. Helena von Reybekiel

Title: Dr.
Prename: Helena von
Surname: Reybekiel
Name of birth: Schapiro
Profession: Psychologist, lecturer
Birthday: 11/25/1879
Place of birth: Lublin
Date of death: 1975
Place of death: Birmingham, UK
Married since: 1900
Married to: Adolf (Alf) v. Reybekiel
Profession husband: Philosopher
Children: 2 (Waclaw Antoni, born 1902; Wilfried August, born 1912)
Education: High school for girls in Lublin; 1900–04 university studies (psychology) in Zurich; 1904 doctorate
Career: Research in psychology at the University of Padua, Italy; 1919 university lecturer qualification (*Habilitation*), Hamburg University; tutor in Polish at the Hamburg Institute of Slavic Studies; 1933 dismissed, emigrates to Britain; 1934–35 salary as visiting lecturer in Polish at the Birmingham & Midland Institute funded by donations from the Birmingham branch of the British Federation of University Women (BFUW) and Crosby Hall bazaars; 1934–64 lecturer in Slavic studies at the University of Birmingham
Memberships: German Federation of University Women (DAB)
Biographical literature: *Displaced German Scholars: A Guide to Academics in Peril in Nazi Germany During the 1930s*, with a new introduction by Nathan Kravetz (1936, reprinted San Bernardino, CA: Borgo 1993), 85
Major works: *Die introspektive Methode der modernen Psychologie* (diss.; Kirchhain: Zahn & Baendel, 1906)